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Meet one of our Superheroes — Batman!


Jacob Brushafer is known around Penrod as “Batman” because he relies on his genius intellect, detective skills and indomitable will to solve just about any challenge we throw his way. Jake Batman Brushafer has earned eight certifications on the platform and is making his way up the Success Community leaderboard.


Tell me how you first got involved with

At my last job I was looking for more work to do and they asked if I wanted to help the team. I was reluctant at first but as I got on the platform I soon began to see all the possibilities and how it could help my company.

What has surprised you most about working on the platform?

How you can take just about any business process and translate it to the platform. I also thought it was just sales at first and soon realized it was so much more.

What certifications have you earned thus far and how have they helped you in your career?



They have helped my career because they have given me the creditability to help customers have the confidence in me that I know what I’m talking about. I also found that by pursuing them I have found new ways to solve things I would have done differently in the past.


What new feature has you most excited for’s 50th release?

Calendar anything I think may be the best part of the release. This feature has been a long time coming and I am sure it has made millions of customers happy.

What advice would you give to a rookie?

Never stop learning and ask tons of questions. Use the community, we’re not going to look down on you because you asked a question. We’re going to be ecstatic that we have a new person to share knowledge with. Trailhead is a great learning tool and its free.

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