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Our Executive Team is Growing!

Katrina Stiebs, Chief People Officer

Katrina Stiebs is a testament to our commitment to developing our people and finding the ideal place in the company for each person to thrive. After serving and succeeding in multiple roles at Penrod over the past four years, Stiebs has earned herself a top spot in the company as Chief People Officer. In this role she oversees the personal and professional development of our staff. Spend an hour with her and you may notice something missing in her leadership style. Ego. Her success comes from investing in the success of those around her. By redefining the traditional Human Resources Director position, Stiebs has tasked herself with something she finds far more rewarding and far-reaching – the success of our people.


“Having worked with Katrina over 4 years, and having watched her grow, I cannot think anyone more deserving of this role. She cares immensely about our company and our culture and we know she is the person to lead us as we develop and evolve into the future.”

-Joe Taylor, Penrod CEO and Co-Founder

Dan Merfeld, Chief Design Officer

We would also like to announce the hiring of Chief Design Officer Dan Merfeld. He comes to Penrod after having founded and run two successful companies in Madison, Wis. In fact, we were originally introduced to Merfeld when we became a client of his interactive digital product company TheoryThree Interactive. Among Merfeld’s accomplishments are a 13-year tenure as President of nonprofit commercial-design group Design Madison and the distinction of being named one of Madison’s “40-Under-40 Top Professionals” in In-Business Magazine.

“Design is a huge focus and a driver of our success as a company, being thoughtful and using design to help communicate with our clients, community and employees is one of our top initiatives in 2017.”

-Joe Taylor, Penrod CEO and Co-Founder