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Penrod and Conga: Partnering for Better Solutions

At Penrod, we know two heads are often times better than one. We partner with the best—like our range of fantastic clients. We ask questions, we listen, we collaborate, and then we can work together to configure a great solution.

That’s why since 2015, we’ve been excited to partner with Conga to deliver one of the most innovative combinations we’ve found. Together with Salesforce, the Conga platform can help you solve a common business problem: document and contract generation. It can easily create and distribute documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF forms using data from any Salesforce object.

Conga: Game-changing Document and Contract Solutions

Ask any organization and they’ll likely say one of their biggest pain points is paperwork. This is often especially true in the health and life sciences realm, which includes healthcare providers, payers, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical organizations.

Even if these organizations are dedicated Salesforce users, document and contract generation is typically completed outside of Salesforce. In other words, most organizations rely on a separate platform from which to pull data and manually add it to forms, including quotes, contracts, proposals and other important documentation. This is where issues arise, including productivity loss, lack of uniformity across templates including designs,verbiage, and data entry error. This is where Conga can save the day!

Are You at Risk?

You may have the correct data in your CRM, but not having a solution like Conga can put your organization at risk. Issues like missing data, no e-signature option, or lack of consistent templates and verbiage can cause big issues with rework and slowed productivity. Here are a few common issues that arise with non-automated document creation and how Penrod and Conga can help.

Problem and Solution

1. Duplicate, missing, or incorrect data
With non-automated processes, document generation usually involves at least two systems and is entirely manual—there is no ability to quickly and easily pull in data. Without automation, there are no reminders if a field is missed. The user may complete and submit what appears to be a completed document only to find out that a single field was not filled out. Or, if there are two different data points on a form, employees may need to spend time researching which answer is correct—time that could be better spent working with clients.

Conga dynamically pulls that already accurate and complete data from Salesforce and populates the fields you require within Salesforce for Word, PDF, and other file types. This eliminates paperwork, increases efficiency, and reduces the risk of data-entry error

2. Lack of uniform templates and designs
Your documents are a representation of your brand. You want them to look clean, sharp, and professional. Without a system like Conga, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent look across all documents. Of course, it goes beyond visuals. Without Conga’s document solutions, you may be using documents with outdated language, which can cause hours of rework.

Conga eliminates this risk with version control. You can easily download the most recent document, and if changes are made, you can see in real-time when those changes occurred. Conga also gives you the ability to customize your documents and contracts to meet your specific business needs.

3. No electronic signature option
Without an e-signature option, users must print out a document, sign it, find a scanner, upload it, and then send it. Given all those steps, it’s not a surprise that people fail to sign documents. A small oversight that can stop a process in its tracks.

Conga Composer eliminates all that busywork by being compatible with multiple e-signature solutions to provide a seamless, efficient user experience.

Accelerate Growth with Penrod and Conga Composer

Conga offers clients an exceptional product that’s easy to use, and Penrod can help implement and advise on the best solution based on your unique needs. We’ll work with you to determine exactly what your needs are and what solution is right for you.

Chances are, you like a lot of elements in your current templates. No problem. We can help you clean up and organize your existing templates, but also bring them up to date to look current with Conga.

Automation is not only the wave of the future—it’s already here. We’ll work with you to gain a strong understanding of your contracting process so you can speak to it and help drive automation. By modernizing out-of-date, manual processes, you can boost efficiency, drive competitive advantage, and increase growth.

Training—We’ve Got You Covered

Penrod won’t just give you bare-bones instructions and say “Good luck!” We’ll help you become experts on document creation. We offer a variety of training options that fit your needs and will keep you engaged. A couple examples of these are end-user trainings, designed for specific groups to help them be rockstars out in the field; train-the-trainer or admin training, designed to help you team take full ownership over the document creation process from start to finish.

At Penrod, we not only use Conga products on a daily basis, we highly recommend them to our clients.That’s why we’ve partnered with Conga to give you an in-depth view, complete with common use case studies in our webinar. Check it out to learn about all the great solutions we can offer together.

Ready to join the Conga line? Penrod can help you customize and implement your solution, and train you to become an expert user in no time. Contact us to learn more.