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Penrod Wins NEWaukee’s Best Place To Work

We’re honored and excited to announce that for the 3rd consecutive year in a row, we’ve been awarded NEWaukee’s YPWeek Wisconsin 2018 Bubbler Award for being the best place to work for young professionals.

NEWaukee is an organization dedicated to bringing Milwaukee professionals together. Every year, they dive into a week long discovery period called YPWeek where they find Wisconsin’s best workplaces for young professionals. The top ten receive their annual Bubbler award.

This award looks beyond traditional criteria for a great workplace to find companies that are rethinking how to attract and retain young professionals.

Winner for Three Years Running

We’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame for having won this award for the past 3 years, NEWaukee’s limit on how many subsequent years one company can win, but just because we’ve won 3 years in a row doesn’t mean we’re the exact same company we were 3 years ago.

On the contrary, we’ve worked hard to make changes that provide an even better work place so we can continue to improve the lives and workdays of both our employees and our clients.

We strive to create a workplace that is inviting and encompasses a more family aspect. We know that our employees will spend more time at work than anywhere else so we want to make those hours as enjoyable as we can.

“We spend 40 hours plus a week at work, which is a large chunk of our lives. That time needs to be satisfying, enjoyable and challenging,” said Chris Widmayer, CEO of Penrod. “Part of that is making sure that everyone involved knows they are helping the mission of the company. Winning the Bubbler Award for a third year in a row means we are on the right path to achieving this for our people, and we will continue to adapt to be sure we are a place people look forward to coming every day while also driving unmatched quality to our clients.”

Unique Employee Perks

It’s pretty common that on any given day, you might find yourself smack dab in the middle of a nerf gun fight between 2 or 3 of your co workers, signed up for a ping pong ball tournament or snacking away on the endless supply of snacks, both savory and sweet in our walk in pantry.

We offer unlimited PTO with a 5 days a quarter minimum. Yes, we love spending time together, but we also know that we all need a well deserved break. We encourage our teammates to take some time off to travel, see their families, or even just to go to a doctors appointment in the middle of the day.

Speaking of spending time with families, as we have grown our company, we’ve become increasingly aware that we needed to extend our employees insurance beyond just those within the company. In addition to our standard offer of 100% coverage of our employees’ insurance premiums, we’ve expanded our family coverage. Recently, we are proud to have also added an offering of paid parental leave. We want to give new parents that bonding time without worry.

The perks don’t end there though. In case you weren’t already convinced we are the best place to work for young professionals, we allow dogs in our office, we pay for our employee’s public transportation or parking in full, we offer free gym memberships and no one is ever at a loss for our awesome SWAG!


Our culture is unrivaled. On any given day, you will see a handful of employees matching while sporting the same Penrod swag. Our employees are proud to call themselves Penrodians. We enjoy being apart of this unique culture and wear our Penrod swag with pride.

We are more than co-workers, at Penrod, we’re family. We are encouraged to be accountable and use our best judgment in the decisions we make every day and to collaborate as a team to achieve our goals.

Our employees know that they are always supported. The continued encouragement and positive environment supports full accountability to learn from their mishaps.

This year, we introduced our new culture sponsor program. Every quarter, an employee volunteers to coordinate organic events and reports any feedback to ensure our culture remains uniform throughout each of our offices.

We want everyone to feel empowered to contribute to our evolving culture and continuing to make Penrod the best place to work for young professionals! Our culture drives us to succeed.

To learn more about why we love working at Penrod visit one of our Why I Work At Penrod blogs!

When you’re convinced we’re the best place to work, apply to be apart of our Penrod family!

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