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Penrod Continues to Differentiate its Healthcare Expertise with HIPAA Compliance Accreditation

Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) enhances Penrod’s existing patient-centric dedication to security, privacy, and exceptional experiences.

Over the past five years, Penrod has become a leading Salesforce consultant in healthcare and life sciences. While dedication to HIPAA has always been at the forefront of their engagements, compliance is the result of Penrod’s investment in both internal processes and delivery practices to ensure HIPAA is baked into the core of how it interacts with clients.

HIPAA compliance was achieved through a 400+ point audit by a certified third-party that continually focuses on Penrod’s policies, processes, and infrastructure. The partnership ensures that Penrod is equipped to serve the healthcare industry with the accredited credibility that many consultants lack.

As Penrod leverages accreditation in the market, it expects to continue:

  • Providing thought leadership that educates on best practices for security, privacy, and compliance
  • Focusing on delivery practices that ensure it remains the premier partner for HIPAA-compliant Salesforce solutions
  • Creating solutions that continue to serve patients, members, and end-users with exceptional, HIPAA-compliant experiences

“HIPAA compliance has always been incredibly important to Penrod,” said Laura Teschendorf, CFO of Penrod. “The opportunity to follow a thorough process through a trusted third-party to gain formal accreditation gives our partners the comfort they need while ensuring we’re being good stewards of their trust on an ongoing basis.”

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