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Penrod Goes To Dreamforce


Another year, another Dreamforce.

All in all, we came away with piles of information, new connections, and great memories. We asked members of the Penrod team to sum up Dreamforce. So even if you missed it this year, you can get a little taste for the magic that is 200,000 people packed into downtown San Francisco nerding out over all things Salesforce. (And, of course, make plans to attend next year!)

Which keynote did you enjoy the most?


“I loved the Michelle Obama keynote. She is such an engaging speaker and touched on a lot of really important topics, from education to equality.”

-Katrina Stiebs, Chief People Officer

“Benioff’s keynote and the compassion keynote were both great.”

-Tara Vandygriff, Engagement Manager

“Quip – the actors from Silicon Valley were pretty entertaining.”

Jay Herring, Senior Account Executive

What were the key themes at Dreamforce this year?

“Intelligence as the fourth industrial revolution.”

-Justin Nichols, Senior Account Executive

“There was a big emphasis on equality throughout the week. “Equality for all” was a key theme woven into different sessions and keynotes.”

-Katrina Stiebs, Chief People Officer

What was the biggest announcement and how is it good news for Penrod and Penrod’s customers?

“MyTrailhead: Ability to customize training to your business, impactful for any company to create their own on-boarding.”

-Lacey Van Syckle, Vice President, Delivery

“Google Analytics integration into marketing cloud. Justin Piehowski, Director, Marketing Services IOT, would be great to implement intelligent machines that interact with Salesforce.”

-Justin Nichols, Senior Account Executive

“MyTrailhead is going to be super helpful for Penrod and Penrod’s customers. We send our clients to the Salesforce Trailheads to learn about the platforms, but this customizable training platform will not only revolutionize how they learn their custom salesforce org, but how they train and onboard employees throughout their company.”

-Tara Vandygriff, Engagement Manager

“Quip Keynote or Google Salesforce Partnership, clients will have better integration with Salesforce allowing them to have one source of knowledge.”

-Chris Nielsen, Engagement Manager


Based on DF 17, what do you think the future holds for the Salesforce family?

“Everyone that is a part of the Salesforce family can be extremely excited about the forward thinking of Salesforce. The entire Leadership team and all of the partners are constantly challenging themselves and others to be brighter and better. I think there is a large effort by Salesforce to not only be the best software company but also push issues like Education, Women Equality, Pay Equality and charitable giving.”

-Laura Emmer, Director, Project Management

“Salesforce is on a rampage, so things continue to look bright.”

-Jay Herring, Senior Account Executive

“They have a lot of good marketing for Einstein AI, but they need to make sure it works correctly and is released quickly in order to capitalize on their marketing efforts.”

-Chris Nielsen, Engagement Manager

What are your thoughts on the Salesforce and Google partnership? What does it mean for Penrod and Penrod’s customers?

“Huge! One more reason for our clients to establish themselves in Marketing Cloud.”

-Justin Piehowski, Director, Marketing Services

“I think it’s great. It will allow customers to transfer important information between their G-Suite and their Salesforce org, which will make users more productive and more collaborative.”

-Tara Vandygriff, Engagement Manager

“A more seamless process to connect Salesforce with Google Analytics 360 and G Suite. Easier integrations and a more seamless navigation through the G suite and Salesforce.”

Katy Engebretson, Sales Operation Manager

“It’s great news, but Quip’s keynote stole a lot of their thunder. Free google apps will help out immensely for gaining new business for Salesforce.”

-Chris Nielsen, Engagement Manager

What did you enjoy the most about the week?

“I enjoyed getting to know my co-workers better. I also enjoyed being among an amazing group of people that are just looking to learn more about the platform and push their companies forward. It is inspiring to to be around so many intelligent, forward thinking women.”

-Laura Emmer, Director, Project Management

“Team bonding! Traveling with the Penrod crew is a blast. I also really enjoyed getting face time with some of our clients and hearing how Salesforce has positively impacted their company.”

-Tara Vandygriff, Engagement Manager

“Spending time with my Penrod co-workers, getting to see team members from other offices that I don’t get to see often. Playing card games and laughing with the Sales team.”

-Lacey Van Syckle, Vice President, Delivery

“This was my first big Salesforce event and it was amazing (and overwhelming) to experience everything that goes into an event like this.”

-Katrina Stiebs, Chief People Officer

“Spending time with others of the team that I may not see on a day to day basis. Dinners, lunches, coffee with partners and clients whom I have never met but have had virtual relationships with.”

-Katy Engebretson, Sales Operation Manager


And that’s a wrap, folks! See you at Dreamforce ‘18!