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Penrod Builds NPI Search Component Native to Salesforce Health Cloud

When clients come to Penrod with a challenge that needs to be solved, Penrod’s response is always the same: “Game on.” So when a health care client needed an innovation to improve user search, our developers got to work for a solution that could not only help them, but countless other organizations.

At Penrod, we’re continually working to develop innovative solutions to help their clients do more. In the case of a program at one of our hospital clients, the care team needed a solution to help them search for health care providers so they could connect more members with the specific care they needed.

Their mission is to be a leader in rehabilitation and post-acute care. With their new Lightning component, the care team can do just that.

Penrod’s developers built an innovative Lightning NPI Lookup Component native to Salesforce in Health Cloud that helps staff quickly and easily search for providers. Our goal was to integrate the National Provider Identifier (NPI) search with the program’s records. Our team reviewed data, investigated options, and developed a new Lightning component that can search for providers by their:

  • NPI number
  • Name
  • Location
  • Specialty

The component default checks if a record already exists for the provider in their CRM and shows those results first. Search by NPI number matches exactly. (The name search results cannot be guaranteed unless the name is entered exactly, but Team Penrod has almost conquered this puzzle!)

The component also integrates with the NPI application programming interface (API), which allows it to search their database and return the names and information of providers that match the search. From there, users are able to save the selected provider, creating a new record with the information returned. This specific instance of the component also has customizations for limiting the results by credentials, such as NP or MD.

Penrod is thrilled to have developed this innovative solution and is excited to share that this solution is repeatable for similar use cases by differing organizations. It’s just one example of how Penrod helps their clients reach success.

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