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Penrod Recognized as a Silver Partner!


Penrod is proud to officially be recognized as a certified Silver Cloud Alliance Partner! But what does that mean? provides a Consulting Partner Program that is based on a tiered structure. A Partner Value Score is used to determine what tier each company falls into, and is re-evaluated every 12 months. Penrod achieved its Silver status by scoring well on the three metrics that make up the PVS: Annual Contract Value, Expertise (including number of certifications) and Customer Success



The Benefits:

Participating in the Partner Program offers many tools, resources, and training that allows Partners to become experts in specific business and product areas that will help to better serve the customer. Here are just a few of the great perks.

  • Drive customer innovation – Through the leading social, mobile and cloud technologies, partners are able to find opportunities and drive a successful business for your customers.
  • Develop specialized expertise – The Partner Program offers a variety of training and certifications that will help strengthen your knowledge of’s products, industries and geographies.
  • Grow a thriving practice – Partners can differentiate their practice, generate customer demand and build a profitable business through the Partner Program. This program gives Partners the opportunity of the cloud with a collaborative go-to-market approach.


Click here for more information:’s Partner Program