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Penrod Takes On Salesforce Connections 2018!

Part of our team just returned from Salesforce Connections in Chicago, and can we just say it was a GREAT week to learn more about how we can help our clients get the most out of their Salesforce investment? We connected with clients, partners, and industry pros and learned more about how to create personalized experiences at every customer touchpoint. In case you missed our previous post about Connections, this event is the event of the year for people in digital marketing, commerce, and customer service. We’re excited to help Penrod’s clients use what we learned to connect with customers in new ways.

Connections Highlight Reel

Ticketmaster Story

One keynote that blew us away was the Ticketmaster story. Salesforce recently began integrating its cloud services with Google so marketers can get better insight into each and every customer. Ticketmaster is a large organization, but by combining Salesforce and Google, it has been able to be personalize marketing communications for each customer. The Ticketmaster team uses data and technology to drive engagement and keep customers as fans for more than just one concert. Our takeaway from this story was just how personal businesses can make their customer experience with Salesforce. The majority of consumers – 75% in fact – want incredibly personal experiences with brands. Salesforce is giving brands the ability to personalize each touchpoint they have with customers.

Email Deliverability

All the factors that go into email deliverability are tough to understand, not to mention track. One of our favorite sessions was when Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s email deliverability team gave us the tools we need to explain it to Penrod’s clients as well as helping them get the most out of their marketing emails.

Email deliverability is a hard concept to understand as consultant and even more complex as a client. Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s email deliverability team broke it down in a way a non-expert could understand what’s going on.
-Caitlin, Marketing Enablement Specialist​

Einstein is the future

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has always been incredibly powerful, but Connections just reiterated for us how much more powerful it is with the capabilities of Einstein. The Salesforce customers now have the ability to get deeper insight into audiences and to target specific segments or demographics. This data will empower them to reach customers like they never have before.

Einstein is the future of marketing cloud, and B2B marketing analytics will transform reporting out of Pardot.
-Cory, Marketing Enablement Lead

New Connections

We couldn’t go to an event called Connections without making a few connections of our own. The Penrod team met up with new friends and strengthened existing relationships with clients and partners alike. We loved seeing you all there!

Benefits to Customers

We don’t go to events like this just to have fun and meet new people. Every event we attend is done on purpose and every Penrod team member who attends is chosen specifically for the value they can provide for our clients by attending the event.

I loved hearing the keynote speakers. Salesforce does a great job bringing in some pretty big named people who have very inspiring words to say in regards to how their work fits in with what Salesforce is trying to do. I also loved meeting partners and customers of Salesforce. It’s so much fun to meet new people and hear their stories.
-Courtney, Project Manager


By attending Connections, we learned much about how to get the most out of the Salesforce suite of marketing tools. We’re looking forward to helping ensure our clients can get the most out of the Salesforce intelligent marketing capabilities they have at their fingertips. Features like Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s integration with Google Analytics 360 and Einstein powered analytics will all empower our clients to empower their customers.

Hands-On Experience

We practiced our new knowledge in real life at the Connections expo. While experimenting with new tools is always fun, we’re even more excited about implementing these new features in real life.

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