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Penrod’s Certification Rockstars, January 2018

Last month, our rockstars here at Penrod compiled over a dozen new certifications with Salesforce and Conga. Great work team! We’re so proud of everyone’s effort involved in their training in the products that we consult on a daily basis!

We always strive for knowledge, and we support our team’s constant growth by offering as many resources as possible to their continued success as consultants. It’s a part of our culture, and we cheer each other on with each additional success, and encourage those who fall short in their certification endeavors, because one day they too will succeed as so many of us have!

With the certifications earned last month, we are proud to have a total of 192 Salesforce Certifications within our company. Being industry experts is a key part of our success as Salesforce consultants, and we think that number speaks for itself when it comes to that claim.

Join us in commending our Penrodians and Salesforce Trailblazers on their accomplishments this past month! Check back in March as we celebrate our team’s ongoing growth with each new certification and highlight specific certs that our consultants have acquired.