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Penrod’s Interview Process: Hot Tips! 🔥

Learn more about the interview process we typically follow (and gain some hot tips along the way!)

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Thinking of joining the Penrod team (woo!!)? You might have some questions about the process we typically follow and how we generally conduct our interviews. Sit tight, because we chatted with our Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Cassie Bonner, to get you those answers.

What does the interview process look like at Penrod?


First, you’ll have an Initial Screen with someone from the Talent/People Team, which is a general intro interview where we learn more about your experience, your interests, and your career goals; you’ll also learn more about Penrod, our Vision, and Culture, and anything else you want to know. We want to get to know each other and see if it is a good fit. It’s about you, too!

If we decide to progress you into the next stage, you’ll meet with your potential manager for a Hiring Manager Interview. Do you connect? Do your work styles mesh? You may learn more about the project we would staff you on, and you’ll talk in more detail about the work you may be doing. You should prepare examples of successful work you’ve done in your career.

For our technical roles, you’ll then have a Technical Interview, usually with a technical peer. You won’t be asked to complete a take-home project, but you will be asked to provide examples.

If we pass you into the next stage, your final interview will likely be with someone from Leadership regarding Vision alignment. You will get the bigger picture of Penrod and how it aligns with you and your career aspirations and values.

Optionally, you may then have a Meet-the-Team Interview. This can be requested by you or will be scheduled if we want you to meet your potential team members. The interview consists of a panel of 1-3 people who would be your direct teammates.

What are your Hot Tips for acing a Penrod interview? What should candidates know?


  • Research the company, whether it’s Penrod or otherwise
  • Know about yourself and what you want in your career
  • Be open and honest
    • Of course everyone wants to get the job, but if it’s not a good fit for your true abilities and values, it won’t work out in the long-term
      • We want you to be happy!
  • Be yourself!
    • At Penrod, authenticity is super important to us; we recently scored 97% internally to the engagement survey prompt: “I can be my authentic self at work”
    • That said, some people come into interviews a little nervous, which is totally normal and understandable, but remember we want you to be your authentic self, too!
      • We want to get to know you for who you are
  • We’re laid back, and it works when you are, too
    • We care deeply about professionalism, but our interviews are much more conversational than anything

We’re always looking for talented people who share our Vision. If you don’t see an opening that fits your unique career needs, we’d still love to connect! Submit a general application here.

(Please note that this process is a general guideline; the process may change situationally or depending on the role and its needs.)

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