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Penrod’s Yves Stewart Speaks at Dreamforce

It’s not every day you find yourself dancing at Dreamforce. It’s a day rarer still that you find yourself invited to speak at Dreamforce— but our own Yves Stewart recently did both.

Yves is a Salesforce Consultant at Penrod; she helps bring our clients' visions to life. Her success in the field and as a Military Trailblazer landed her the incredible opportunity to speak at Dreamforce in September. She presented at the 2019 Dreamforce and received such rave reviews that she was asked to attend this year and share her story!

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“Having the opportunity to share my journey in the Salesforce Ecosystem was amazing. I spoke on how the Salesforce Military Trailhead program works and how to make the most out of it. I shared my secret to success and how giving back makes for a better impact in the Salesforce ecosystem. I was humbled by how many people came up to me throughout Dreamforce and shared how they were inspired by me,” says Yves.

She even got to see herself on the opening video of the Admin keynote, and was interviewed by KCBS radio to share her thoughts on attending Dreamforce in person and on all the precautions Salesforce put in place.

We are deeply proud to have such a knowledgeable, accomplished, driven team member in Yves. And, like so many of us here at Penrod, Salesforce found her.

“I started as as accidental Admin in the oil and gas industry. I didn’t think I fit the bill for being ‘techy’ but I quickly realized that there is more than meets the eye and I had the skills for it. My desire to bridge the gap from the business to the team inspired me to go into consulting. I love the idea of working on different projects which allowed me to see greater possibilities of what the platform can do,” she says.

Since being at Penrod, she most likes what we stand for and the people she works with. “Ever since my interview I felt that this is the place for me,” she says.

We’re dang happy to have her, and we can’t wait to see which star she reaches for (or dances toward!) next.