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Practicing Gratitude At Penrod This Thanksgiving


Gratitude is something we try to practice regularly here at Penrod. Not only is saying thank you just plain good manners, it’s also proven to improve physical and psychological health. It helps us create new, meaningful relationships as well as develop empathy for those around us.

Even though it’s something we emphasize all year long, we all look forward to Penrodsgiving, the week before Thanksgiving. We come together as a work family, feast on turkey and all its accouterments, and spend time reflecting on all we have to be grateful for. Here are some of the key themes that stood out.


Many of us embarked on new relationship journeys this year. Some got married, others met a new partner, some took the next step in their relationship. We’re excited for them all!

Small humans

The very first Penrod baby is joining us this coming year! Saul Fofana, Penrod’s Director of Client Engagement, and his wife have a new baby on the way and we can’t wait to meet him or her. JJ Cory from our Delivery team is also going to be an uncle again. Let’s hear it for all the new little people who are making their way into our world soon.


Penrod people have a thing for pets, and several members of our team adopted new ones into their families this year. Congrats to Murph, Tucker, Duke, and Maurice for finding your forever homes with some of the best people on the earth.

Good health

Every day we have is a gift, and we are so thankful for good health. We’re especially thankful for the family members of our work family who have beat cancer this year. They are heroes in our book.


We welcomed lots of new team members this year, and we are grateful for the privilege of working with them. Many of our people mentioned how thankful they were for a job they love. Not every workplace is one you enjoy going to everyday.


And of course, there are always things that don’t fit nicely in a category.

“Buying a 5 string bass off of craigslist…which ironically led me to talking to Sean and joining Penrod a month later, getting me out of corporate Salesforce user training hell. I’m covering that bass with Penrod stickers now.”

-Adam Graham, Delivery

“I am thankful for … Being in the second row in Chicago when Minnesota United won their first road match ever in MLS. And getting hired at Penrod.”

-Gabe Rholl, Delivery

“Moving to Dallas. It got me this job, my first house, and I get to live near my family again for the first time in a while.”

-Keegan Tague, Delivery

“Getting to watch a Vikings game at Citywerks while Scott Sitron DJ’ed.”

-Justin Piehowski, Delivery

“My sister not getting eaten by a bear while on the Appalachian Trail.”

-Ryan Wummel, Delivery

“Getting hired by penrod was the final piece of the puzzle in my move to the USA. I was very anxious after almost a year of work restrictions – I couldn’t have dreamed I’d find a better company to be a part of.”

-Jon Mills, Delivery

Don’t forget to practice gratitude as you feast and watch football today! Happy Thanksgiving!