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The Benefits of an outsourced partner for Salesforce managed services

If you're like most healthcare and life sciences companies, you're trying to maximize the value of Salesforce.

Businesses of any size may lack the resources and expertise to effectively use Salesforce. This means they may not be able to implement its best practices. Setting up these practices yourself may be difficult.

Investing the time and internal resources necessary for long-term success of your Salesforce is crucial. However, this may not be sufficient. With limited staff and budget, this isn’t an option.

Salesforce outsourcing is a popular way to maximize Salesforce without hiring more internal staff. Outsourcing can be achieved through managed services programs or consulting services. While most Salesforce outsourcing firms know the Salesforce platform just fine, choosing the outsourced company isn’t just about software expertise. Properly optimizing Salesforce involves a knowledge of the in’s and out’s of your industry as well.

Once you find a reliable partner to outsource Salesforce administration, you’ll discover many advantages. These include improved efficiency, cost savings, access to new technologies, and an invitation into the Salesforce roadmap.

Benefit: Cost Savings

This one is tricky.

Companies are always looking for ways to save on costs without sacrificing quality.

If you look solely at the hourly rate, managed services providers can appear to be more expensive than internal staff. However, consider this…hiring and onboarding in-house employees is costly, as are benefits. Employee attrition is also incredibly costly.

With a managed services partner, you really don’t need to worry about any of this. Once onboarded, a partner can provide uninterrupted, seamless work through their pool of talent resources.

Additionally, utilized hours are usually incredibly efficient. Because they have a backlog of learned knowledge, time is spent solving issues, not individual resources researching them. Therefore, you can get more ROI for every hour spent.

Benefit: Expertise and Experience

Managing a Salesforce CRM, especially in the healthcare space, requires a special skillset. Access to knowledgeable and experienced professionals is essential, and finding an individual contributor can feel like looking for a unicorn.

At Penrod, we have an entire team of Salesforce experts. Our team has many years of experience working with the platform, specifically for healthcare and life science companies. We are passionate about what we do.

Due to this expertise, we can help you develop the best solution for your healthcare business. We can make sure your Salesforce works well and do troubleshooting if needed. Our team has special knowledge to help you reach your goals.

Benefit: Predictable Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are crucial for any business to succeed in a highly competitive market. That’s why investing in Salesforce managed services can be a game-changer for your company.

Outsourcing to a managed services provider (MSP) can optimize your processes and automate repetitive tasks. This frees up time for your team to work on more strategic initiatives.

We can tailor custom solutions to meet your individual needs. This will help to eliminate inefficient processes and boost productivity. In turn, this will lead to business growth, revenue, and profit.

A Salesforce managed services provider can take care of the technical details. This allows you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Benefit: Enhanced Security

As companies continue to adopt cloud-based technology, security concerns become increasingly common. Outsourcing Salesforce managed services to a trusted partner can be the ideal option for businesses. This partner should have certifications in the industry.

This is an effective way to enhance security measures. For instance, Penrod is HIPAA certified, making it the ideal partner to deploy HIPAA compliant Salesforce implementations for healthcare industry.

Internal tools, processes, and people can help protect your company’s data and apps. It’s important to find a partner who is compliant in regulations important to your industry. As a result, you can focus on strategies to grow your business, not tactical aspects of risk mitigation.

Benefit: Instant Scalability and Flexibility

Businesses need to be able to pivot quickly to stay competitive. An outsourced managed services provider can provide on-demand access to unique resources that would be cost-prohibitive to hire internally. These resources provide a wide range of insights, which are usually only available to large enterprise Salesforce teams. Examples include technical architects, solutions engineers, and Salesforce consultants.

Salesforce solutions offer flexibility. This allows you to customize them to fit your changing needs. You can tailor the service to meet your specific requirements. This kind of support will help your business become adaptive, nimble, and ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing future.

Benefit: Increased ROI

Outsourcing Salesforce managed services can be beneficial for businesses, leading to an increase in ROI. By outsourcing Salesforce to a service provider, companies can leverage the full potential of their Salesforce applications.

Outsourcing can help a business be more efficient and secure. Outsourcing also gives businesses the tools they need to do better and get more money back from their investments.

Benefit: Customer Service

Providing top-notch customer service is crucial for any business looking to succeed in today’s market. Partnering with an outsourced Salesforce partner provides expertise in data collection, storage, and analysis. This can help you gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points.

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your services to meet their needs and provide them with an exceptional experience. Better customer service is a powerful tool. It helps to retain loyal customers and draw in new ones.

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There are many benefits of outsourcing Salesforce administration, consulting, and development. Outsourcing Salesforce to a managed services firm is the first step to streamlining operations, maximizing efficiency, and reaching your business goals. Outsource Salesforce services to the right partner. You’ll gain access to the latest technologies and industry expertise, which can be hard to find in exclusively internal teams.

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