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Celebrating Robyn McNeil’s Golden Anniversary!

Cue the confetti! Penrod loves to celebrate, and this month, we get to celebrate a Golden Penrodiversary.

Robyn McNeil had her 6th anniversary yesterday, February 6th.

Besides being one of our lovely Salesforce Consultants, she is the self-proclaimed “Captain of the Struggle Bus.” (No, really— it’s been in her Slack bio for years. This is why we love her.)

She began her journey to Penrod as a contractor at ManpowerGroup working on reporting and mastering different technologies.

“When the Salesforce team was formed, I not-so-politely pushed to be on the team. I became a Salesforce Admin and Business Analyst, and certified Salesforce Admin for ManpowerGroup global. I moved onto a company whose mission was to support senior living, rehabilitation, and more. The purpose was great but the technology was decades old and the investment into Salesforce fell through. I started stalking Penrod. I made sure to attend the Milwaukee Salesforce User Group meeting that I knew Penrod was attending. I purposely hung out at the checkin desk until a Penrodian arrived. I joined a group of them at a table and this led to my interviews.” And we’re glad she did!

Beyond lending her skills to Penrod, she also is the keeper of many great Penrod memories. Here are some of her favorites:

  • She interviewed with our Salesforce Consultant & Delivery Training Lead, Jake Brushafer (who we solely refer to as “Batman”). Robyn says, “his hair was sticking every direction and he didn’t smile once. I liked him right away.”

    Bonus fact: this duo, of course, quickly became “Batman and Robyn” 🦇

  • She also interviewed with our CEO, Chris. “No bullshit, to the point, and respectful. It was a very refreshing and mildly intimidating experience but it set the stage for a great relationship. First impressions do matter.”
  • Chris and our Chief Revenue Officer, Drew, once rehearsed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to play for a Penrod quarterly meeting. “Wid played the ukulele and Drew sang. There were only two other Penrodians in the room so it was very special. Since Drew and Wid did not end up performing, it made it even more unique.”
  • One particular Penrodian often posts in the wrong channel, resulting in posts that make zero sense. Robyn finds this hilarious.

Finally, we thought we’d share a few personal fun facts about Robyn and what makes her unique:

  • “I have an absurd fear of horses. I think they are going to swallow my head. Or it will be like the movie Alien, and they’ll open their mouths and a sub-alien will crash through my skull.”
  • “Favorite movie is The Last Dragon. It is one of the worst 80s movies ever and a total cult classic.”
  • “Random funny – growing up there were days where my dad and I would speak to each other in movie quotes all day. Drove my mother crazy!”

Happy Golden Anniversary, Robyn! Here’s to many more! 🍻

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