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Sales Cloud Einstein – Instantly Elevate Your Sales Team


Sales Cloud Einstein grants your organization 4 features and they all work together to make your sales team faster, more effective, and ultimately more successful. This great tool will instantly make your team more productive, and able to spend less time logging calls or doing research, and more time doing what they are really good at – selling! Jake Brushafer, Director of Salesforce Platform, breaks down Sales Cloud Einstein and how your team can use it to take your sales to the next level.


Automatic Activity Capture

This feature is just as straightforward as it sounds. By using Sales Cloud Einstein, all of your emails and calendar invites will automatically be logged to the associated Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity. It also gives all user access to Einstein Analytics, giving a complete view of every activity that takes place. One thing to remember with this function is that every email is logged into Salesforce with no control or broad filter other than the ability to exclude emails from a specific domain or email address.


Lead Insights

With this feature, Einstein works behind the scenes to figure out fields and the correct values of them to automatically provide a Lead Score for each lead. The top 5 Predictive Factors are also presented to each lead. If the Factors have green circles before them, that means they are positively affecting the score. Conversely, if they are red, they are negatively affecting it. The coolest thing is that you can also see the score on your list view. This insight helps sales teams know where they excel and where improvement is needed.



Opportunity Insights

Opportunity Insights is a great feature that gives you predictive insight into when the opportunity is likely to close. In addition, it sets reminders to help you follow up on the priority opportunities. On every opportunity, there are three types of insights:

  1. Deal Predictions – Looks at recent activity and other opportunity’s data to figure out if a deal is likely to close
  2. Follow-Up Reminders – reminds you to follow up with your contacts when they forget to respond to you
  3. Key Moments – Receive notifications when a deal is likely to take place


These three insights are vital to the sales team, allowing them to accomplish more by manually doing less. They no longer have to do the excess research on all their clients and are now reminded of when contacts are lagging.



Account Insights

Account Insights gives you the most recent information about your client that may impact future buying decisions. You can also see this on the homepage where it displays the most relevant articles about your clients. From here you are able to dismiss insights or leave feedback about the insight. This is a great tool for when your team is looking for their next big deal.



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Each of these features adds to the experience that every user receives with Einstein for Sales Cloud. By becoming more organized, automating data entry and research, and gaining insight into clients and prospects, your sales team will surely see stronger results in less time. To learn more about these features, read the Salesforce product release notes.


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