Penrod Blog’s Greatest Hits


Our Platform team got together to discuss their favorite release features over the past five years. Although their costumes bring out their nerdy side, they find a way to keep each release interesting and exciting by teaching all of Penrod about the latest and greatest of



Kyle Krahn as “Fireworks” – Summer ’16

Summer ’16 brought a multitude of enhancements for the Lightning User Experience. One of the most noticeable features is access to the Lightning App Builder. This feature allows admins to create customized lightning pages for Home and Records. Another feature the community has been wanting for a long time is the ability to associate contacts to multiple accounts was provided in this release.



Jake Sinkula as “Butterfly” – Spring ’16

The Spring ’16 release brought two industry specific clouds and a slew of other enhancements. Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud debuted during this release. This is the first time Salesforce created industry specific architecture models. Offline Salesforce1 capability allows sales reps to work seemlessly whether or not they have an internet connection. Salesforce IQ helps SMB clients quickly get their Salesforce org setup by integrating with Gmail or Outlook. Work orders can now be created from a case and are routed to field service technicians.



Jenn Romaniszak Kant as “Eskimo”- Winter ’15

Winter 15 was a release of possibility. Included were the initial beta versions of all the following all-star features: duplicate alerts, custom lookup fields on activities, and the first version of Process Builder. Admins started to fall in love with Salesforce again, knowing that our cries were heard and answered. We also got our first look at Wave with Winter 15 release. On the slightly underdeveloped side, still leaving admins wanting? SalesforceA



Jake Brushafer as “Snorkeler” – Summer ’14

Summer 14 was the game changer release this is the one the brought Salesforce1 to your mobile devices. This is what brought on the internet of things and why now all our CEO’s have their heads in their phones. By allowing everyone access to their data at anytime and anywhere this opened up a huge change in the way that companies do there business.



Jordan Ehrhardt as “Polar Bear”- Winter ’14

Sell, service, market, and innovate like never before with Winter ’14. Be productive on the go with new mobile features that let you connect with your customers in a whole new way.



Charlie Ballard as “Pinwheel Guy” – Summer ’13

Summer ’13 brought us the general release of Salesforce Communities, which has tremendously increased the ability to interact with customers online. The initial release of communities was somewhat limited, but over time additional features have been added, like template communities, that allow admins to create beautiful, branded communities with a minimum of fuss and using clicks, not code.



Erik Johnson “Gilligan” – Summer ’12

In Summer 12 one of the top voted ideas on the Success Community made its way to customers. The ability to relate multiple contacts to a single task was a huge enhancement used widely by sales and service organizations alike. Gone were the days of creating a activity for every follow up call for each person at the business luncheon. Networking win!


Dunkel as “Frisbee Dog” – Spring ’11

Who could forget Spring ’11? This was the release that brought us @mentions. “The person’s name becomes a blue link that others can click to view the person’s profile.” What dark magic is this!? This feature would go on to be a foundational element in the collaborative process engine that Salesforce has grown to become. Who knew? In this release and not so foundational to change: fields sets.