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Salesforce Named Leading Customer Experience Platform for Life Sciences

Salesforce continues excellence in Health and Life Sciences

Salesforce was once known strictly as a sales platform. Over the last 20 years, they've grown from an industry-standard CRM into the dominant customer experience platform for medtech, pharma, providers, and payers.

Last week, PEAK Matrix® announced its leaders in customer engagement platforms for healthcare and life sciences…and we’re excited by the results.

What is a customer experience platform (CXP)?

Customer experience is the sum total of every person’s engagement with a brand. Whether positive or negative, it’s one of the biggest reasons for loyalty or attrition.

Healthcare has been slower than other industries to adapt to consumer-first cultures. However, as consumerism and transparency continue to define the industry, customer experience is a crucial part of patient retention.

CXPs offer a technological solution to generating positive customer experience across sales, marketing, support, and operations. They allow healthcare companies to honor patient preferences, engage with meaningful content, and support patients proactively to improve health outcomes. They support the three main components of customer experience:

  • Learning
    CXPs store and enrich data, allowing companies to discover 360-degree views of each patient. This helps personalize every engagement to make them more meaningful and relevant.
  • Engagement
    CXPs empower omnichannel communications that help them reach the patient on their preferred channels, including text, email, phone, social media, and more. Through a robust communication plan, they generate patient journeys that guide them to better outcomes.
  • Delivery
    CXPs help companies deliver proactive support, helpful content, and useful tools at scale, and on a personalized level.

The Rankings

Peak Matrix is based on platform research, client references, and an ongoing analysis of trends in the health and life sciences industry. Based on this research, they asses market impact and vision. Companies that have significant market impact, and an ability to deliver their vision are ranked higher than those that don’t. In this assessment, Salesforce was ranked in the top 3 of 18 competitors.

Salesforce CXP Leader in Health and Life Sciences

We’re incredibly excited about what this means for the healthcare industry. As a Salesforce Health and Life Sciences Expert Navigator, we’re here to help you tailor the Salesforce platform to your business goals.

To learn more about the report, visit PEAK Matrix here.

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