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Salesforce Saturday


You should spend a Saturday with Batman. Not the Batman, our Batman. He’s the organizer of a reoccurring event at Penrod called Salesforce Saturday.

We asked him what it was all about and here’s what he had to say.


At Penrod, we have an extraordinary group of talented people who are all here to help one another out. I’m 9-time Salesforce certified, and I’m learning as much as I’m teaching here every single day. Which is why we decided to do these Salesforce Saturday events.”

– Jake “Batman” Brushafer

“We want to take what has been working so well here and extend it to the greater Salesforce community. We can be a resource to those who may not have the opportunity to collaborate with others as we do. We’re here to help.

Or maybe, they just want to spend a Saturday with someone who gets what they do. That’s why were here. That’s why this event means so much to me.”

Salesforce Saturday is your chance to learn, collaborate, snack, hang out at a swank office, study for that cert, get (and give) some help, and get some stuff done. No agenda. No bullshit. And you won’t be asked to speak unless you want to.

The next Salesforce Saturday is July 22nd from 9AM to 12PM. Going forward it is happens every second Saturday of the month. Same Bat time, 9AM-12PM. Same Bat channel, at the Penrod HQ (unless we announce otherwise). Signup so we can make sure we have enough food.

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Oh before we go – when you get here, ask Batman why we call him Batman. It’s a funny story.