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No Agenda But Client Success: Scribe And Penrod’s Partnership

When you find a business partner with the same underlying principles and values, you keep them around for the long haul.

That’s how it is between Penrod and one of our partners, Scribe.

Scribe offers a data integration platform that allows customers and partners to streamline cloud and on-premise integrations.

The company’s subscription-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is simple to use, speeds up integration processes, and is easy to maintain.

Just like Penrod, Scribe strives to be approachable and offer the right resources to its customers and partners. It helps companies be nimble and quick throughout the integration lifecycle.

In it for the long run

This partnership didn’t begin last week or even last year. Several years ago after Penrod pivoted to offering exclusively Salesforce solutions, Scribe also began leaning into Salesforce.

The two companies found each other and have been offering simple and streamlined Salesforce implementations ever since.

This partnership works well for both of us. Scribe provides a great integration platform, but relies on partners, like Penrod, to build custom integration solutions for Salesforce customers.

Penrod, on the other hand, looks to Scribe as a trusted partner providing a solution that streamlines implementations for our clients.

Our complementary capabilities are enhanced further by our shared values. Both companies invest in client relationships for the long term and are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to ensure a successful outcome for their clients.
-John Joseph, Scribe VP of Marketing

Partners and teammates

It turns out that not only do we have aligned values, but our team members also get along really well.

From the beginning, there was synergy between Scribe’s Account Executive team and Penrod’s Engagement Manager.

It was immediately apparent that Scribe’s account team treats clients like family – just like Penod’s engagement team does.

Scribe’s team is also confident in the capabilities of their platform and knows how to apply it to meet the unique needs of each client. So when both teams work on a project together, each party feels totally confident that the other has the best interests of the client in mind and will do everything possible to take care of the client.

Over the lifetime of the partnership, the Scribe and Penrod teams have developed a strong, mutual trust. It’s founded on a commitment to honesty and problem solving. We communicate regularly and find ways to improve how we work together and how we can improve our solutions.
-John Joseph, Scribe VP of Marketing

Helping clients become independent

One of the benefits of Scribe is that Scribe makes it simple and easy for clients to maintain the integration on their own. Scribe’s iPaaS is a visual, “no code” solution, which not only allows Penrod to quickly get a client’s solution up and running, but also makes it possible for the client to understand the integration that was built on their behalf. So once a client’s Salesforce org is integrated, Penrod can hand the solution off to the client, which gives the client the ability to be nimble, quick, and in control of their Salesforce integration for the long haul.

No agenda except making our clients successful

For Penrod and Scribe, our effective partnership is based on our shared values and goals. Both of our teams aren’t out to make our own agenda happen. Instead, we’re looking for ways to make our clients successful. Because of that, working together is natural and incredibly productive for our clients.

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