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Service Cloud vs Health Cloud

Our clients often ask "Should I start a Service Cloud or Health Cloud implementation?" Our answer always depends on their business needs.

The simplest way to think about the differences is to picture Health Cloud as an extension of Service Cloud.

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In today’s digital world, your patients have nearly unlimited options when it comes to choosing their care. Furthermore, government regulations like OPPS and the 21st Century Cures Act will only increase transparency and consumerism.

Given this, healthcare companies don’t just need excellent service – they need every tool they can get to produce better healthcare outcomes, and this is where the matter of “Service Cloud vs Health Cloud” is extremely relevant.

Health Cloud strives to enable healthcare companies to stand out in the crowded landscape with an integrated system that extends the power of service cloud to track referrals, provide personalized care with 360° insights, and engage patients with meaningful campaigns.

Our chart below highlights the major “extensions” in Health Cloud.


Health Cloud

Total Care Management

Service Cloud

Service Management

Patient View

Health Timeline

Patient Profile Care

Team Network

Care Team Productivity

Standard Task & Activity Management

Provider Cards

Provider Relationships

Emergency Response Management

Patient Model

Life Events

Health Analytics

Utilization Management

Intelligent Task Management (Today Page)

Care Team Collaboration

Concurrent Care Plans

Care Plan

Customization & Management

Advanced Patient Segmentation and Lists

Risk Stratification (Einstein Analytics)

Lead to Patient Conversion

Salesforce Mobile

Health Cloud Empower

Lightning Experience

Household Map

Assessments (Survey Functionality)

Field Service Lightning Integration

Clinical Data Management

Patient Model

Clinical Data Model

Customizable reports & dashboards

HL7 v2 ADT Adapter

EHR integration1

HL7 integration2

Case Management

Service console

Case management

Case escalation rules & queues

Case capture: web & email

Case auto-assignment

Case email-auto response

Case milestone tracker

Knowledge base

CTI integration

Omni-channel routing

Omni-channel supervisor

Omni-channel supervisor


Service contracts & entitlements

Order Management

Asset Management

Custom profiles & page layouts

Google apps integration

Google apps integration

AppExchange integration

Lightning App Builder

Unlimited customer applications

What do Health Cloud and Service Cloud have in Common?

We kick-ass at implementing both of 'em.

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