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Spring and Summer 2018 – Certification Rockstars

On a regular basis, we like to highlight members of our team who work hard to learn and grow in their Salesforce expertise. One way our team can do this is by achieving various Salesforce certifications. These certifications are offered by Salesforce to help administrators and partners demonstrate their expertise.

We put a heavy emphasis on certifications for both new employees and current employees. When we are on the lookout for new hires, learning what certifications they have helps us determine what role might fit them best in the company. Certifications help test for how well someone understands building on the Salesforce platform while others test for how well someone can provide the best practice solution. The difference in these certifications helps us determine whether a person would be a good Developer, Project Manager or Salesforce Consultant among other roles in the company.

For existing employees, continuing to pursue additional certifications demonstrates their ability to continue to learn and grow. Their curiosity and quest for more knowledge helps us provide our clients with new depths of knowledge as well as helps each member of our team learn new ways to problem solve and help their teammates expand their knowledge.

Certification Highlight: CPQ

The CPQ certification picks up where the Sales Cloud certification left off. It tests for knowledge on the features that CPQ offers as well as best practices for choosing the best solution for a specific Salesforce instance. The Salesforce CPQ tool simplifies and streamlines quoting processes and uses automation to eliminate inconsistent or unsustainable quotes. This certification demonstrates Penrod’s expertise and ability to translate this tool into a useable, powerful solution for our customers.

In recent months, Charlie Ballard and Keegan Tague both received the CPQ certification!

Congrats To All Our Newly Certified Team Members


This certification is the first level of certification for most in the Salesforce ecosystem. It provides a solid foundation for continued learning. Congrats to our two newly certified administrators!

Nick Coley
Thuyet Nguyen

Conga Composer

The Conga Composer certification helps our team deepen their expertise in this important Salesforce app. Each Penrod employee who achieves this certification offers specialized skills that enables our clients to get the most out of their Salesforce and Conga investments.

Jake Brushafer
Tim Huesmann
Charlie Ballard
Jonathan Mills
Robyn McNeil
Keegan Tague
Mike Brown

Conga Contracts

This certification enhances our team’s technical expertise so we can optimally implement Conga contracts in our client’s Salesforce instance.

Jake Brushafer
Charlie Ballard
Jonathan Mills
Keegan Tague

Field Service Lightning

The Field Service Lightning certification communicates a Salesforce admin’s ability to create one-of-a-kind customer-facing Lightning experiences.

Keegan Tague

Platform App Builder

This certification demonstrates a Salesforce admin’s ability to design and build custom apps for our client’s Salesforce instances.

Renee Baumgartner

Learn why we think Salesforce certifications are so important.