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The Summer ’18 Release Is Here! Here’s What We’re Loving So Far!

We recently got our hands on the Salesforce Summer ’18 Release, and we’re thrilled with the updates and new features they’ve added. Here’s our take on the features we think will be the most helpful to our clients.

Cropping Your Images

This new image editing feature will come as a huge relief to anyone who hates editing and cropping images to the exact dimensions prior to uploading. Instead of cropping your image before you upload it to Lightning for Custom Themes and Branding, you can now upload the original image and edit the photo with the new cropping and resizing tool.

Apex Replay Debugger Salesforce developers have been asking for this one for a long time. Instead of having to navigate through thousands of lines of code to find and fix bugs, Apex Replay Debugger works like an interactive debugger so you can quickly and efficiently debug Apex code. This feature is still in beta for both Lightning and Classic, but we’re excited about its potential!

Shield Support for Heroku Connect and Field Service Lightning

Healthcare and life science companies will benefit greatly from this update. Shield Support allows Salesforce customers to encrypt data and with the Summer ’18 Release, it’s now available for Heroku Connect and Field Service Lightning. Heroku Connect allows companies to quickly create and deploy apps while Field Service Lightning is a tool for employees in the field to be able to view real-time data on their phones. With Shield Support now available for both of these Salesforce tools, data can be encrypted and protected, even outside an organization’s four walls. This new feature helps keep healthcare and life science companies HIPAA compliant.

Pre-Built Themes

It’s simpler than ever to create unique customer experiences in Lightning. With the Summer ’18 Release, admins and developers can apply the new out-of-the-box themes in any Lightning Community template. The great thing is, these themes rely on clicks, not code, so they’re quick and easy to implement for everyone.

Lighting Guided Actions

Guided actions in Lightning help agents work through set processes to get the data they need. Being able to set up a list of ordered flows is going to be especially helpful for any team that interacts directly with customers. For instance, during a customer service call, guided actions will lead an agent through a series of questions to ask and actions to take. If the call is handed off to a new agent, the customer doesn’t have to repeat any information because the new agent can see exactly where the customer is in the process.

List View Filtering

In the past, Lightning Experience users didn’t have access to detailed filters to simplify finding important data. To find what they needed, they had to switch to Classic. This release, however, gives Lightning users the ability to create detailed filters to find the exact information they are looking for. Now, you can filter accounts by territory, queue, and campaign among other items. You’ll be able to find the data you need faster and with less hassle.

How do you get all of these updates to your Salesforce instance?

For the most part, all of these updates will be made automatically to your organization, but some of the features will need to be enabled. If you plan on migrating to Lightning you can always run or rerun the Lightning Experience Readiness report, and the new updates will be accounted for in the new report.

Ready to get the most out of all these new updates? Talk with one of Penrod’s Salesforce pros today!

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