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The Next Generation of Marketing Cloud

Salesforce announced today a change that will unify all marketing products under the “marketing cloud” umbrella. Here at Penrod, we’re excited to see how this will put patients, providers, partners - and every player in the healthcare ecosystem - at the center of every marketing moment.

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The change was largely inspired by embracing the omnichannel. Our customers are driven by expanding outreach to create robust, experiences that require multiple channels. This means easy-to-use, unified, and flexible implementations.

Here’s our vision for how we’ll bring the new capabilities to our medical device, provider, lab, pharma, and payer clients:

  • Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform
    Boost revenue with more leads, opportunities, and conversions in a unified data platform
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
    Create meaningful, valuable relationships with providers, payers, and partners across multiple channels with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement
    Become a trusted advocate with personalized marketing journeys that drive better patient behaviors
  • Marketing Cloud Personalization
    Deliver relevant, engaging patient experiences with real-time personalization
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence
    Make better business decisions with insights that measure the success of every interaction

We’re excited for what the future holds for Marketing Cloud. If you’d like to learn more about how we build engaging, personalized experiences, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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