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What We Love about Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is arguably the most robust digital marketing platforms capable of transforming an organization’s marketing engagements. Used mostly in B2C industries, it utilizes a multitude of best-in-class tools and applications to help users discover new market segments, streamline messaging and content, and enable cross-channel marketing from one centralized location. The Penrod team took a deep dive into the platform and is here to share common-use cases, custom features, and some extras that make it revolutionary.

A quick note: Before you get started, connect with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account executive to make sure you have the correct edition and the right applications implemented. This will help you maximize its capabilities, so you can work toward achieving your goals as quickly as possible.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Historically, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been a powerful tool to assist marketers in sending personalized, targeted, and automated email communication in high volumes. More recently, however, Marketing Cloud has vastly expanded from just an email tool. Now you can reach consumers with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the tools you need to manage cross-channel marketing effectively. It streamlines processes across many channels including email, mobile, social media (including advertising, monitoring, and publishing content), and web content (such as landing pages and form captures).

Favorite Features

There’s a lot to like about Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and while we normally don’t play favorites, here are some of our top (OK, favorite) features:

Journey Builder
Journey Builder helps you design fully automated, cross-channel customer journeys all from one centralized platform. It keeps your entire customer experience consistent, branded, and targeted to reach customers when and where they want.

Integration with Salesforce and Beyond
Marketing Cloud can pull data directly from your Salesforce CRM to trigger and influence when and what marketing communication your subscribers receive. This combination of automation and native data architecture and processing turns your team into a marketing powerhouse.

Data Management
Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it easy to manage your data. It can pull from other external platforms (Salesforce being the most seamless and native integration, of course), but Marketing Cloud’s open API and FTP integration allows you to expand beyond Salesforce. Once your data is in Marketing Cloud, there are native tools, such as filtering and querying, that allow you to manage, join, segment, and augment that data as needed.

Multiple Business Units
If your business houses several unique brands, markets in or to different regions, or advertises product lines differently, you can set up business units in Marketing Cloud to work independently in the same environment, while still managing separate lists of subscribers and processes. Your administrators can ensure the enterprise marketing system is governed and running smoothly, while individual business units or teams run their day-to-day operations independently of each other.

Need to share content or data? Do certain users need to work cross-functionally between business units? No problem—Marketing Cloud allows for sophisticated sharing rules, roles, and permissions within business units at the user level.

Cool Add-ons

Print Marketing Software Integration
Companies that use tried-and-true print marketing as well as online marketing will definitely want to integrate PrintingForLess. This solution automates direct mail so you can send welcome kits, swag, and other physical mail at the right time in your customer’s journey.

In-App Features to Track Email
For tracking email, Litmus and Return Path are must-have features to add to your Marketing Cloud toolkit. They help ensure your emails go directly into your recipient’s inbox—instead of a spam folder—and that each email is formatted and renders the way it was intended to once it gets there.

Are you as impressed as we are? Learn how Penrod can help your business manage all of your marketing efforts from one centralized platform to connect with your subscribers with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Contact a Penrod Marketing Cloud expert today!

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