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Why I Partner With Penrod – NewVoiceMedia

It takes a village to raise a child – we’ve all heard this African proverb, but it turns out it applies to more than just children. When it comes to helping our clients succeed, we need a village. At Penrod, we actively seek partners – our village, so to speak – who are best in their class in the Salesforce ecosystem as well as the best solution for our clients. We work together with our partners to advocate for each other as well as offer our mutual clients expertise that’s backed by hands-on experience.

NewVoiceMedia has become one of those invaluable partners for Penrod. Like us, they believe that deeply personal and emotional connections with customers are integral in any digital solution on the market.

NewVoiceMedia provides cloud contact center software solutions that offer people-to-people interactions that digital-only solutions can’t provide on their own.

We are passionate about providing solutions that bridge distances, devices and departments, bringing the most vital business exchange of all – the conversation – back to the heart of what you do. We believe that a customer interaction starts from the sales interaction and shouldn’t be siloed from the customer being then served by the success teams or call centers. Visibility into the sales function has always been one of the most critical aspects of the business; however, now with more and more focus on customer success, the success teams that serve existing customers get more and more attention.
Kathleen, NewVoiceMedia

Why Our Partnership Works So Well

NewVoiceMedia is a Premier ISV Salesforce Partner and Penrod is a Platinum SI Salesforce Partner, both ranking at the top of the partnership tiers in the Salesforce ecosystem of trusted partners and solutions. This recognition between our teams means we both have consistent customer success records and innovative products to offer. Since we both are heavily invested in areas East of the Mississippi and in manufacturing and health and life sciences, our partnership offers huge value for mutual clients.

Both organizations have deep knowledge into Salesforce products with an emphasis on providing AI solutions to improve client workflows.

The most important part of our partnership, however, is our shared values and our drive to help our clients succeed. We’re both committed to our employees and the communities around us, looking for ways to actively improve the lives of those we work with and those we serve.

What We’ve Accomplished Together

Our teams are just ramping up our partnership together, and Penrod recently hosted the NewVoiceMedia team at our headquarters in Milwaukee. They shared with us their story to arm our team with the proper knowledge and expertise so we can become the best solution for our mutual clients. NVM enables Penrod to help build custom solutions through working sessions across all organizations.

How Our Partnership Brings Value to Our Clients

As Penrod works with clients who need a call center software solution, we recommend NewVoiceMedia when it’s the best fit for our client. We actively collaborate with NewVoiceMedia on marketing and events together to broaden our reach. In cases when we are working on a Service Cloud or Sales Cloud implementation for a client, NewVoiceMedia is a perfect option to add CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), intelligent routing, and skill based routing to our client’s Salesforce product.

With our growing partnership, we are able to recommend NVM to our clients with backed expertise as we see fit, collaborate to provide the best experience to our customers, and ultimately reach a broader audience.
Katy Engebretson, Partnership & Alliances, Penrod

Penrod clients are occasionally nervous about getting users to adopt the new system and making sure their data stays clean and useable. NewVoiceMedia’s gamification and user experience alleviates worries about user adoption because users enjoy working on the platform, which means they are more likely to keep data clean and current. This in turn, keeps reporting accurate and useful for leadership teams.

What the Future Holds

Enablement on contact center solutions across our customer base–not only trusted advisors, but certified call center / CTI experts. The more joint customers we have, the better education we can provide for our prospects and the easier it will be for Salesforce to recommend a full solution vs. 1 by 1 provider.
Kathleen Creagan, Alliances Director, NewVoiceMedia

As we spend more time with each other at events like Dreamforce, visiting each other’s offices, and providing educational sessions to our teams, we’ll discover even more solutions to offer to our clients. Because both teams are all-in on Salesforce, we’re able to provide a unified cloud solution and lean on each other’s industry expertise to offer clients best-in-class service.

Ready to bring your sales and service teams to the cloud? Talk with a Salesforce expert at Penrod or NewVoiceMedia today.