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Why I Work at Penrod — Brandon


I don’t think many of my friends are as excited to go to work in the morning as I am. Casual dress code, a stocked kitchen, and plenty of happy hours. What’s not to love?



Well the truth of the matter is that I came to Penrod a year ago because I really believed in what they were doing and wanted to be a part of it. My role here is to find new opportunities and work with our existing customers to identify solutions for their business. It’s rewarding when I can tell clients that the report Mary from Accounting works on for 4 hours every Monday can now be done with the click of a button.

I stay at Penrod because they don’t pretend to have a “secret sauce.” Sure, those employee perks are nice and tend to draw in the young professionals, but that’s not what makes Penrod special. I work at Penrod because I am surrounded by talented coworkers. We expect hard work and dedication regardless of age and experience. If you don’t have passion and believe in the work you are doing, you won’t fit in at Penrod. I work here because I have the opportunity to learn from the incredible people surrounding me and grow into a leadership position.


“If you don’t have passion and believe in the work you are doing, you won’t fit in at Penrod.”

-Brandon Alberti


Outside of the work, there is a real commitment to the community. From sponsoring Habitat for Humanity build outs to participating in a charity Kickball tournament, Penrod supports my passion of giving back. As a Milwaukee native, improving this city has always been a big part of my life. I take time to volunteer with The Salvation Army and work on Launch Milwaukee. It’s not frowned upon, it’s encouraged.

Don’t believe me? Stop by NEWaukee’s Lunar Series Presented by Penrod one Friday night this summer. There is nothing like enjoying a beer on a rooftop surrounded by coworkers and other MKE young professionals.