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Why I Work at Penrod — Katrina

I came to Penrod in its early days because I needed a new challenge and opportunities for growth. I was Penrod’s 5th hire and for a period of time the only woman on staff. I chose to work at Penrod because Penrod was growing too.

Since then, Penrod has grown 7 times over and our staff now consists of nearly 50% women. A company of 5 has different needs than a company of 30+. I work at Penrod because the change you resist is the growth you miss, and our leadership recognizes that.

One of the most important changes Penrod has made is employee engagement. We host over 50 events a year that allow us to connect as a group and usually force me to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve worn a costume around town (it wasn’t Halloween) and pledged to ride a bull. I work at Penrod because we like to have fun.



We work hard too. Whether you’re an intern or a full-time employee Penrod invests in your success. We’re encouraged to try new things, attend conferences and become certified experts. I work at Penrod because I’m not done learning.

When you work at Penrod, there’s no such thing as monotony and no two days are the same. My workday has seen an impromptu push-up contest, champagne cheers, and 100 crazy conversations. I work at Penrod because my coworkers are silly and caring and weird and outrageous. I work at Penrod because it’s OK to be yourself.

In short, I work at Penrod because of the people.

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