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Why I Work at Penrod – Robyn

Robyn McNeil // Salesforce Specialist

I am a Salesforce Specialist based in Milwaukee, WI. I have been at Penrod since February 6th, 2017 and I work here because there is no better place to be! At Penrod I feel respected, empowered to learn, and supported by my fellow Penrodians.



I am respected by my peers and management. Differing opinions result in conversations, not personal attacks. There is no ulterior motive or political agenda. Individual goals should be challenging and motivating, but not at the sacrifice of our company core values. Understanding and accepting that creates a place of genuine camaraderie and level of respect.


“No words can truly describe the greatness of Penrodians.”

-Robyn McNeil


My manager effortlessly empowers me to learn, flourish, and challenge myself. Educational opportunities are endless and individual/company goals are ongoing. Projects are ever evolving and no one can just sit in their niche. Finding a manager that cares about you as a person instead of just as an employee, expects accountability, and encourages and supports growth is a rare jewel. It makes me challenge myself even more to go above and beyond his expectations to drive company attainment.

Invaluable People

People, whether they are on your team or not, are willing to help. It is a total “I got your back” mentality. It is an unusual, enjoyable group with unique quirks, stories, and strengths. No words can truly describe the greatness of Penrodians. This is a demanding, successful, and incredibly strong company that employs a no-bullshit approach. You are responsible for doing your job well and the tools to thrive are there. We work, we play, we work some more, we play some more, and we care.

Director’s Commentary

What Pillar of Penrod do you think has been the most important in your journey and why?

“Obsess. The work never ends, enjoy the journey.” I am constantly challenged to learn and grow AND most importantly, I have the support to do so. I am actually happy studying for certifications during off-time and working the occasional weekend by choice. I never thought I’d be driven to do so much out of choice, not office politics.

What is your favorite memory of your time at Penrod?

My first Friday Happy Hour in Hogwarts. It was fun interacting with those I had not spent much time with before and hearing Penrod “historical” stories.

What is your favorite snack in the pantry?

Pepperidge Milano Chocolate Cookies. Can’t beat ’em.