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Why Penrod Attends Connections

Salesforce Connections is the event for digital marketers and customer service pros to take their teams to the next level. If you haven’t attended in the past, we want to encourage you to register for the 2018 conference. Sure it’s next week, but there is still time to make plans to attend.

Why you should attend


At Salesforce Connections, you’ll learn how to create unique touch points with your customers. The keynotes and sessions will help you discover new ways to connect with your target audience and how to create one-of-a-kind customer journeys. The speakers lined up for this year are on point, and we’re thrilled to get to learn from them, not to mention Penrod’s own Jake Brushafer will be holding two campfire sessions!

Hands-on experience

One of the things we love about Salesforce events is that Salesforce customers and partners get a chance to get real-life experience with new features and products. Salesforce Connections is no exception. We always leave plenty of time to head to the Expo to see what’s new, experiment with it, and start thinking of ways we can use it in implementations we do for our clients.


The who’s who among digital marketers, ecommerce gurus, and customer service pros attend Salesforce Connection. You’ll get a chance to rub shoulders with some of the best. We love meeting up with friends, partners, and clients at Connections and we hope we get to hang out with you this year!

How to get the most out of Salesforce Connections

Plan ahead

We love that Salesforce AgendaBuilder lets you make your schedule in advance. Planning ahead is almost a necessity because with 500 sessions available to attend, you’ve got to find the ones you really want to go to. Another reason to make your schedule out in advance? While some sessions are available for walk ins, others only have a certain number of seats, so you’ll want to make sure you have your seat reserved. Make sure to leave time to visit the Expo!

Meet up

Use this event to meet up with new connections, people you can learn from, partner with, or help. We hang out with our clients and business partners at Salesforce events, so if you’re looking for someone to connect with, let us know!

Allow flex time

Sure, it’s great to plan ahead, but you’re going to want to allow some flex time to sit down and catch your breath, revisit the Expo to try new features you missed, catch an extra session, or meet new people. Trust us, this event can get busy, and you’ll need a few minutes here and there to recharge.

Go for comfortable

Fashion has its place, but at Salesforce Connections, we’re all about the comfy shoes and clothes. Make sure to dress comfortably, carry a light bag or backpack so you have water when you need it and a place to store swag, and bring a jacket or sweater in case the conference center gets cold.

Can’t-miss events


Not to state the obvious (but to state the obvious), go to the keynotes. This is where you’ll hear from some of the best and brightest minds in the industry.

Penrod’s Own

Check out our own Jake Brushafer in his two campfire sessions! We’re proud to be able to send someone from our own company that you can learn from. Take some time to visit him. He loves to help others learn!
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Session One
Session Two

The Killers Concert

Salesforce knows how to put on a party. We’re more than a little excited about The Killers concert on Wednesday night, and we hope we get to party with you there!