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Why We’re Salesforce Managed Services Expert Navigators

Latest Accreditation Places Penrod in the Top 1% of Managed Services Providers for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Written by Matt Fiel

Salesforce actively engages and supports their consulting partners, valuing and rewarding top performers with prestigious credentials. While earning their Expert Navigator designation was the result of several important specialties shared by the entire Penrod team, one thing is certain

It's mostly due to our shared commitment to empowering exceptional healthcare experiences.

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The Heart of Salesforce Managed Services

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve met and exceeded the standards for world-class Salesforce support by setting our sights on enhancing efficiency for our clients. Our services model revolves around focusing only on the healthcare industry.

Salesforce Managed Services for Healthcare and Life SciencesPenrod is proud to announce that our recent Managed Services Expert Navigator status has positioned us as one of the top three solution integrators for Salesforce services in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. This distinction is achieved by less than 1% of all consultants on the AppExchange who offer managed services. We believe that this places Penrod in an exclusive category of elite Managed Services providers for healthcare companies.

Total Salesforce Management

Our Salesforce managed services go well beyond meeting individual client requests, providing equal support for all correlating activities. With time-tested expertise, a top-rated Salesforce Consulting Partner will pursue each individual client support service with equally acute attention on all subsequent tasks.

We’ve long known that supporting each client’s objectives requires casting a wide operational net. In the health and medical fields especially, it’s important to coordinate multiple tasks among different employees and teams simultaneously. That’s because healthcare businesses depend on how streamlined they can make an increasingly complex web of data-driven services.

Moreover, it’s often a patient experience that’s at the heart of each one of those services. More than anything, we’ve been most proud of our ability to simultaneously provide clients with:

  1. Smooth daily workflows, as the granular details fall neatly into place
  2. Insight into how any new or modified object will affect global functions – both for the API itself and the business operations behind the data.

Above all, it’s the sum total of our clients’ success that inspires our own. It’s a support philosophy that’s proven integral to making sure every account, campaign, opportunity, and lead stand the greatest chances of becoming fully satisfied customers.

Expert Navigation Through Constantly Changing Workflows

For growing healthcare companies, embracing managed services can bring about a significant transformation. The value they offer often surpasses that of in-house service management by a wide margin. Nonetheless, it is crucial to partner with a reputable managed services provider that has a proven track record of success to ensure the best possible outcomes.

AppExchange Managed Services Expert Navigator

The Navigator Expert award provides further assurance that the same dedication to excellence a company was founded on still inspires us. It’s a distinction Salesforce makes for several business categories, ensuring the accolades they make public are to the ultimate benefit of the end users.

That’s why Salesforce takes six important specializations into account when awarding the Expert Navigator in Managed Services designation:

  • Administration Services
    Accurate and efficient alignment of administrative functions with their real life applications
  • Analytical Services
    Salesforce management experts who can just as readily provide value-adding insights to your community.
  • AppExchange App Management
    Ensuring customers can easily use the apps they’ve carefully compiled, free of conflicts and connection issues. In the end, what we deliver is a cross-departmental Center of Excellence – never data silos.
  • Developer & Integration Services
    Maximum technical integration of both proprietary APIs or custom creations of your own.
  • Release & Change Services
    Total ecosystem support during updates and transitions, from individual staff to the entire organization.
  • Support Services
    Fast and effective solutions at every customer touchpoint.

Individually, these services and functions have the power to make or break an HLS business, regardless of its scale. However, when combined, they offer the promise of significantly increasing productivity and creating a long-lasting competitive advantage.

Making Enterprise-Grade Solutions Available to Everyone

Most companies don’t leverage Salesforce anywhere near its fullest potential. That applies to in-house and managed service providers (MSPs) alike, regardless of how simple an end-user’s needs might be.

Companies put a lot of work into unifying their data management functions in the name of efficiency. It’s a regrettable shame to let inefficiency prevail, especially when their CRM and associated efficiency tools are not fully utilized.

While Salesforce is an enterprise-grade suite of sales, marketing, and cross-collaboration tools, it’s also perfectly scalable. Even entry-level businesses can usually find the right level of Salesforce administration where the returns quickly offset the initial investment (for both time and resources).

Salesforce takes this closely into account, increasing their products’ adaptability by expanding partner services to include support for:

  • Cloud services (including, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud)
  • Mobile and remote workforces
  • Collaboration, as with their intuitive and versatile Chatter function
  • Internet of Things
  • Advanced analytics
  • Various software integrations – including an extremely robust AppExchange network

What a Salesforce Expert Navigator Provides

Expert Navigators have a proven track record of expertise with a number of unique system-wide Salesforce applications. Their expertise also better positions them to function in an advisory role. Indeed, many of Penrod’s clients have expressed a sense that we occupy a welcome role serving as a veritable partner-consultant whenever the need arises.

Ultimately, Salesforce looks at an Expert Navigator’s history of success with a view towards their customers’ success. Both Salesforce and Penrod know that it’s the strength of the customer-MSP bond that enables HLS companies to continue adding value to their platform, even while taking care of their daily duties on behalf of medical professionals everywhere.

Many clients find their company achieves new levels of growth they never would have enjoyed without enlisting the services of an excellence-obsessed MSP like Penrod. That’s because we pare our clients’ success down to the three fundamentals that count most:

  • Greater organization-wide efficiency
  • Less friction to revenue growth strategies
  • Optimal patient experiences

Putting Patients and Partners at the Epicenter of Your Data

For healthcare businesses, efficient patient and partner services depend on how streamlined and polished their data management is. Because healthcare companies and their managed-service providers must account for endless variables, they’re constantly testing the flexibility of their Salesforce environments – and with it, the strength of their service-partner relationships.

Expert Navigators have received Salesforce’s own endorsement for managed services expertise. If you’re looking for exceptional Salesforce service, contact us and learn more about what makes Penrod the best Salesforce Managed Services partner for healthcare & life science companies at any stage of growth.

About The Author

Matt Fiel

EVP of Marketing

With over 15 years of experience in marketing strategy, web development, and creative design, I lead the marketing team at Penrod, a boutique Salesforce partner focused on the healthcare and life sciences industry. As a Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant, I have deep knowledge and skills in leveraging the platform to optimize marketing automation, lead generation, and customer engagement.

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