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Increasing pipeline management and lead visibility with Salesforce

Throughout this series, we will tell the story of Kiper Health, a fictitious medical technology startup focused on next-generation cardiac monitoring devices. Join us as they leverage the Salesforce ecosystem on their journey to digital transformation.

Automate lead assignment
Track sales activity in real-time
Access sales data from anywhere
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Medical device companies face unique challenges when trying to transform their sales organization into accountable, efficient, and results driven teams.

In our experience, creating tools and processes that provide mutual benefits to both company users & their customers and partners is a huge challenge. Here, we will show how Kiper Health leveraged the Salesforce Platform to increase their pipeline management and visibility from lead to closed opportunity.

Kiper Health has been in business for one year, spending most of that time perfecting two product lines:

kiper health one logo A line of products for Cardiac Loop Record and Pacemaker devices. They leverage a cutting edge artificial intelligence platform that drives the machine’s operability, and also creates proactive care based on feedback from the devices.

kiper health mobile logo A B2C mobile application and wearable used to monitor health issues proactively in order to drive early detection of cardiac issues.

In the last three months, the Kiper Health team has been using Outlook to manage leads and potential deals. This has become a growing problem as they approach the launch of their go-to-market strategy. The issues they are facing include:

  • Inability to assign leads to their sales representatives and track top of the funnel activities
  • Lack of insight into potential deals, and poor tracking on the activity of the emails, phone calls, and meetings as each deal progresses
  • Difficulty on-boarding new sales representatives with Sandler, Kiper Health’s sales methodology

After setup and configuration of Salesforce Health Cloud for Sales, Kiper Health is able to track their leads through the intake and qualification process. New leads now reach Kiper Health through multiple channels – including definitive healthcare, trade shows, websites, and telemarketing. Once the lead is created in Salesforce, the inside sales team is notified to begin work.

The work path feature in Salesforce is leveraged by inside sales to identify what stage of the lead qualification process they are in, and quickly categorize the leads they are using. In addition, as they make phone calls to each lead, they can quickly create activities with notes for future prospecting on that account. Management and sales leadership also gain more insight into the buying cycle.

As leads are qualified, they are converted to opportunities and prospect accounts. This generates an alert to the responsible outside sales representative – and using the Salesforce workflow engine, tasks are automatically generated to set up a meeting with the inside sales representative.

Salesforce Conversion

Following that automation, the sales representative enters all data and custom fields specific to their business and sales methodology that will help them progress and close the deal.

Salesforce Opportunity

Potential products the sales representative wants to pitch can also be added to the opportunity. This ensures every sales representative always has important information about the deal at their fingertips. In addition, Sales Cloud Einstein’s can help identify the next best action a sales representative can take, indicating potential attrition or cross sell options that drive the conversation when onsite or on the phone with the customer.

Sales Cloud Einstein

With all this lead and opportunity data living in a single platform, Kiper Health’s management and executive teams receive real-time insight into their sales team’s performance. With the power of Salesforce dashboards and reports, Kiper Health has built specific dashboards that improve the decisions of sales management and executives.

The sales management team has a dashboard that shows the leading indicators of sales success, including touch points (activities), referrals & referral sources (leads), and pain / budget identified leads with estimated close dates. In addition, each sales representative has a dashboard with individual metrics that are used to measure their performance. This means less time is spent manually building spreadsheets of data, and more time is spent discussing ways to drive successful outcomes.

The executive team at Kiper Health has a dashboard that shows them the health of their sales organization. Using Einstein Analytics for Sales Cloud, they can see insights into their pipeline, conversion rate, average deal amount, average days in sales cycle, and more in real-time.

Now that Kiper Health has fully implemented Salesforce automation leveraging the Salesforce platform, they can:

  • Follow leads from creation to qualification, and automate lead assignment to inside sales representatives
  • Track opportunities, including custom fields for their business and products
  • Track activity in Salesforce to receive real-time touchpoint insights – and with Sales Cloud Einstein, activities are automatically captured in Outlook and Gmail
  • Access sales data anywhere with the power of Salesforce Mobile for Lightning
  • Analyze pipeline and sales efforts in real-time with reports and dashboards

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