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Our Take on the Salesforce Release Notes

While Spring brings flowers, warmth and life after another dreary winter, we're excited about it for a different reason - the Spring '20 Salesforce release notes!

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Our team of Salesforce experts combed through the Salesforce Release Notes document. Here are the top 5 things that stood out to us.

  1. will let you access several Salesforce sites with a single login

    Ever wish you didn’t have to manage so many logins for Salesforce related sites? With, you won’t have to! One credential will be able to access:

    • AppExchange
    • Events
    • IdeaExchange
    • Trailblazer Community


  2. The Google Chrome 80 release could break your implementation

    For security purposes, Chrome 80 is changing the way it treats third-party cookies.


    Sometimes, cookies intended for same-site access don’t have a same-site setting. This leaves the cookie unnecessarily exposed to cross-site forgery attacks.

    If your website relies on third-party cookies, the straightforward fix is to ensure that ones intended for cross-site access have “SameSite=None; Secure” applied. Your implementation may be unique, so it’s recommended you test, test, and test again.

    For detailed information on how to prepare, this article from the Chromium blog is comprehensive.

  3. A new Chrome extension let’s you try Lightning features

    Do you like trying the latest technologies before anyone else? Then this feature is for you!

    While admins can still configure which features are available, the extension allows Salesforce to release new features on a continuous basis.

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  4. Einstein Voice Assistant will let you log events, create contacts, and update opportunities by voice.

    Einstein Voice Assistant promises to give your weary thumbs a break, making you more productive on the go. Available on iOS and Android, this new feature will drive adoption of Salesforce and lead to higher-quality data across your organization.

  5. The Lightening Experience will be mandatory for all organizations

    In with the new, out with the old – the lighting experience will be turned on for all Salesforce organizations in January. Salesforce Classic will still be available, but Lightning will be the default user experience.

    Those on Salesforce Classic should prepare. Verify your organization’s existing features, check the compatibility of your customizations, and educate your users on how to use the new interface to drive business growth.

    For detailed steps about how to prepare for the conversion, check out the configuration converter from Salesforce.

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