Salesforce drives access to care by empowering provider network growth.

The healthcare industry is driven by collaboration between payers and providers. However, in order to manage these increasingly complex relationships, payers need process – and the technology to drive it. Fortunately, there are platforms that help, and Salesforce is no exception.


Recruiting providers with disparate data, inefficient contracting, and manual credentialing


A provider network experience built on Salesforce Health Cloud


Higher provider satisfaction, wider care access, network transparency, and streamlined communication

Solving the Use Case


Salesforce Health Cloud empowers payers to grow provider networks in order to broaden access to care and offer more services to its members.

Because these implementations will include member data, we recommend implementing Salesforce Health Cloud. Its out-of-the-box object model is more suited for the structural – and compliance requirements – of healthcare data.

First of all, we define the personas, permissions, and roles in Health Cloud. These roles are created so that each job function has access to the data, workflows, and custom layouts they require. The basic profiles and roles include:

Physician Network Data Model

Our Health Cloud configuration relies on a combination of standard and custom objects representing relationships, insurance policies, contracts, credentials, physical locations, specialities, and physicians.

The most basic object model looks like this:

The connections between providers, contracts, and credentials in the Health Cloud platform empowers payers to establish relationships with the right healthcare organizations. We build the following features to solve the provider network management use case:

These features allow payers to build, grow, and retain the provider networks that will give its members better access to care.

Higher Provider Satisfaction

Increased Access To Care

Less Manual Processes

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