Salesforce drives more revenue by empowering effective provider relationship management.

In today's healthcare industry, coordinated care and collaboration among providers is more crucial than ever. However, managing the complex web of provider relationships often relies on sporadic communication, manual data entry, and fragmented information. The key to overcoming these challenges and fostering effective partnerships lies in leveraging technology and process.


Managing relationships with sporadic communication, manual data entry, and fragmented data


A provider management experience built on Salesforce Health Cloud


Strengthened relationships, increased referrals, streamlined communication, and automated data entry

Solving the Use Case


With the right configuration, Salesforce Health Cloud empowers providers to build strong physician relationships that drive referrals.

Let's work towards solving this use case with Salesforce Health Cloud.

First of all, we define the personas, permissions, and roles in Health Cloud. These roles all seek to improve collaboration between healthcare providers. The basic ones include:

Physician Relationship Data Model

Our Health Cloud configuration relies on a combination of standard and custom objects representing relationships, physical locations, specialities, and physicians.

The most basic object model looks like this:

Provider Relationship Management Salesforce Screenshot

The relationships between healthcare facilities, physicians, and accreditations allow physician liaisons to drive high performing partnerships. We build the following features to solve the provider relationship management use case for providers:

These features allow providers to build, grow, and retain relationships that drive more revenue.

Performance Tracking

Increased Revenue

Less Manual Processes

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