Salesforce increases pipeline velocity by automating the sales cycle.

Labs encounter unique operational challenges in their sales processes. Their teams must be accountable, efficient, and results-driven, but these qualities are difficult to attain with outdated sales management tools like spreadsheets or shared documents. The key to transformation lies in implementing scalable tools and processes that benefit both the company and the providers, GPOs, and IDNs they partner with. In this use case, we'll demonstrate how laboratories utilize Salesforce to enhance pipeline management and visibility, from lead generation to closing opportunities.


Manual lead assignments, disparate sales data, no activity tracking, poor pipeline visibility


An automated sales management platform built with Salesforce


Automated lead assignment, accelerated pipeline velocity, real-time sales tracking

Solving the Use Case


With the right configuration, Salesforce Health Cloud empowers labs to accelerate their sales engine.

To get things started, we define the personas, permissions, and roles in Health Cloud. These roles mirror the organizational chart in the sales organization, so it usually varies client to client. However, the most basic structure looks like this:

Configuring Health Cloud for Sales

Our Health Cloud configuration mostly relies on standard objects.

The most basic object model for a B2B lab looks like this:

Tracking Leads

After configuration of the roles and objects in Salesforce Health Cloud, labs are able to track their leads through the intake and qualification process. Leads can come in through multiple channels including trade shows, landing pages, email campaigns, and telemarketing. Once the lead is created in Salesforce, workflows create an opportunity and assign a sales person based on pre-configured rules, like location, industry, or company size.

Lead Qualification

A custom work path identifies the current stage in the lead qualification process. By default, we configure the following path:

In addition, as leads are nurtured through the sales cycle, reps can quickly create activities with notes for future prospecting. This also gives sales manager roles more insights into the buying cycle, allowing them to give feedback that will accelerate pipeline velocity.

Opportunity Creation

As leads get qualified, they convert to opportunities and customer accounts. This triggers a notification to the appropriate outside sales representative. Using the Salesforce workflow engine, tasks are automatically generated to set up a meeting with the inside sales representative.

The Upsell

Complimentary products are automatically recommended from the products object, ensuring sales representatives can successfully cross-sell products appropriate for every deal cycle.

Additionally, Sales Cloud Einstein helps identify the next best action a sales representative can take, indicating potential attrition or cross sell options that drive a conversation when onsite with the customer.


By consolidating all lead and opportunity data into a single platform, management and executive teams gain real-time insights into their sales performance. Leveraging the power of Salesforce dashboards and reports, tailored dashboards enhance decision-making for sales managers and executives.

Sales management dashboards display key indicators of sales success, such as lead engagement, referrals, referral sources, identified pain points, budgets, and close dates. Additionally, each sales representative has a personalized dashboard featuring individual metrics that gauge their performance. Data accessibility reduces time spent on manually compiling data into spreadsheets, allowing more time for strategic discussions aimed at driving successful outcomes.

Executive teams benefit from a dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of their sales organization's health. Utilizing Einstein Analytics for Sales Cloud, they can access real-time insights into their pipeline, conversion rates, average deal size, sales cycle duration, and more.

With the full implementation of Sales Force automation, labs can:

These features empower labs to accelerate pipeline velocity and increase lead visibility.

Faster Pipeline Velocity

Sales Automation

Robust Reporting

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